A personal logo is more than just how a person brands them self, it’s how they want people to perceive ones self. As a designer, you can only plant the seed of an idea into peoples minds. It depends upon those people whether or not it grows and evolves.


A persons signature is how they identify themselves be it homework, transactions, or signing your life away to the military.  As a Damage Controlman in the Navy, I spent countless hours conducting maintenance on shipboard firefighting equipment. Signing for all that maintenance caused me to shorten my signature.


I already identify myself with my signature so, I started there. Originally, I thought this would be the abstract version of my signature that I could brand myself with but, it was only the seed of my final logo growing and sprouting.



A designer can only create a great concept, it’s up to the people outside the process that gives a brand it’s true identity. Sometimes the name and meaning of a brand is already there, it just has to be designed.


Thinking back on my years in the Navy, everyone used to call me Stuts, because it was short for Stutsman. Most of my friends and I are no longer in the Navy but, they still call me by my nickname, among other things.


My mother is another person that has played a large roll in the person I am today. She has described me as being like a chameleon, because I blend in and get along with the people that surround me. Much like a chameleon changing colors, I utilize my multiple talents in photography, illustration, and design to produce the highest quality of visual communication and graphic design.